What We Bought: YSL ChYc Cabas, Christian Louboutin Wedges and More (Forum Shopaholics)

YSL ChYc Cabas forum buys

Our shopaholic forum members showed off a slew of new purchases this week ranging from big totes to chunky heels, draped tops, printed dresses and more. Below are some of the highlights. 
YSL ChYc Cabas - forum buysH&M blue white dress - forum buys
Lola rose had one of the most enviable purchases this week with her new YSL ChYc Cabas in an eye-catching shade of Yves Klein blue. 
Thisismyname stopped into H&M and got this blue and white floral print dress. “It looks more expensive than what someone would expect from a fast fashion store,” she wrote. 
Christian Louboutin St. Pierre ostrich wedge - forum buys
Luluposh brought home a pair of Christian Louboutin ‘St. Pierre’ ostrich wedges in a wonderfully rich shade of brown.  
Lanvin blouse - forum buysZara zipper detail blazer - forum buys
Fashionista-ta couldn’t resist picking up a sleeveless blouse by Lanvin. “Saw this Lanvin blouse and knew it would be perfect for me,” she posted. “Tonight it's home in my closet.”
In the US, we may not be able to order online from Zara yet, but being in Spain, The Muse doesn’t have that problem. Earlier this week she ordered several items, one of which was this nubby jacket with zipper details.
Mulberry oversize Alexa bag - forum buys
“It’s my new darling!” No1Here announced when she posted a picture of her recently purchased Mulberry Oversize Alexa bag. 
Topshop orange strappy heels - forum buysZara green slim pants - forum buys
ManaLuize bought a bright orange pair of chunky strappy heels from Topshop.
Eu-pt “couldn’t resist the cut, the color and the price of these jeans” from Zara, so now they're hers. 

Images via the Fashion Spot forums.