Sexy Work Looks that Won’t Push Boundaries

Just because you’re stuck in the office, doesn’t mean that you have to tone down your personal style. A woman should always feel sexy in what she wears, even if she’s just sitting in a cubicle at work. Studies have shown that adding a little sex appeal to your outfit helps exude confidence and power from within as a modern career woman.

Office attire isn’t strictly about suits, structured collars, cotton fibers, and khakis these days. As long as your push-up bra isn’t hanging out, your midriff is covered, and your hemline isn’t up to your thighs, there’s no reason to dull down your wardrobe. Plus, you won’t have to worry about spending all that extra money on “work clothes” anymore. It’s time to spice up your closet with some clothes you can actually wear both in the office and on your days off.

Here’s some ways to vamp up your workwear without getting in trouble with the boss!