I should have known better than to wear my Alice + Olivia mini dress to a restaurant when the weather is continuously fluctuating. Unfortunately, I didn’t and when I left dinner the other night it was nearly 11 pm and about 20 degrees cooler than when I left my apartment. Once again, against my better judgment, I took up my friend’s offer to go over to her place and borrow something to cover up before going out. Needless to say, the night ended with my losing her cropped black sequin Club Monaco jacket.

It was particularly unfortunate because not only was the jacket fabulous in a retro Michael Jackson sort of way, but because the jacket was from the 2007 Club Monaco Holiday collection and no longer available in any retail outlet.

What was I to do? The jacket needed to be replaced, and fast if I didn’t want my friend to have an angry fit. Lucky for me, when I searched eBay I found one seller who was selling the exact jacket, labels and all for only $79. The downside was that the jacket was only available in a large. That said, eBay is a great, if not underrated place to shop for fashionable clothing. The most popular searched fashion items are Coach, Gucci, and Prada ones and with 5.6 billion dollars worth of clothing, shoes and accessories selling everyday, eBay isn’t easily ignored.

For eBay neophytes, there are a few key tips that can help you get the most out of the site. An important thing to think about is the time and day of the week an auction ends. Try to look for listings that end at odd hours of the day like rush hour or during dinner time, because fewer users are logged on. Also, auctions ending on Sunday mornings tend to sell for less and bidding in the last two minutes of an auction prevents you from overbidding just to win an item and from being outbid. eBay’s new Countdown feature, which counts down auctions in real time, is a great tool that can help you with bidding in the last minutes of an auction.


What’s more, the terms you use to search for items can help you score a great deal. It may seem obvious that it’s “Proenza Schouler,” but why not try searching for “Pruenza Schuler” – a seller’s spelling mistake could be your ticket to a bargain as spelling errors prevent buyers from finding the listed item. However, when buying a misspelled designer item it is especially important to check the seller’s feedback. Only buy from sellers with a feedback score of 98% or higher and you should always pay with PayPal, since it’s the most secure method of payment and offers buyers protection on purchases up to $2000.

Finally, if you add the terms “outlet” or “liquidation” to your searches it might help you find quality goods at cheaper prices. Just be sure to examine the items carefully and ask the seller questions.