Get In Touch With Your Five Fashion Senses

Remember the five senses: Smell, Touch, Sight, Sound, Taste? Well, our sense of style is just as important. Let’s take a closer look at how to keep your five fashion senses in check.

SmellTom Ford Black Orchid

As a woman, scent is very important, whether light and airy or strong and sultry. Take your signature fragrance this Fall and give it a little oomph. The Delicious Perfumes by DKNY have been around for a little while, but with the three variations Be Delicious, Be Delicious Fresh Blossom, and the newest addition Golden Delicious, this collection is the perfect light scent for Fall. Combining sweet apple fragrances with touches of exotic woods and floral accents is definitely an appropriate match for the Fall weather. (For a limited time, you can even get a free clutch with your purchase at  On the other hand, if you’re looking for a deeper, more seductive fragrance, try Tom Ford’s Black Orchid. Using another variation of wooded scents, it too combines luxuriant aromas of fruit to complete the fragrance. With fragrances like these filling up the atmosphere, it’s okay to keep your noses in the air this Fall.



To keep skin moist and smooth to the touch in the dry, cold air, try the Handcream Trio Set by Jurlique. This limited edition collection of great hand moisturizers protects your skin from the harsh outdoor air and hydrates your hands with their quick-absorbing formula. Another great way to moisturize skin is to try Boscia’s new Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel. Forget the cool appearance of the stuff, it actually works; this new product is full of vitamins, anti-oxidants, and other natural ingredients that work well for all skin types. If you’re looking to calm and hydrate your skin, these products will definitely leave you feeling smooth and touchable.


SightVera Wang Fall runway

Look around… what do you see on the heads and faces of everyone this season? Let’s start with the head and work our way down to the face. There are so many relaxed hairstyles this Fall, with frayed braids, loose-running locks, and messy buns everywhere. The smoky eye will never die, but you may see it in varying colors like the hot color of the moment: purple. For the look seen on the Vera Wang Fall 2011 runway (left), try some great purple pigment at You’ll also see strong lips this season, whether with bright pink hues, deep scarlets, or fire-cracking red stains. Powerful pouts are definitely making statements left and right. Try some of these soft-matte lip creams by NYX at for this look.


So what have you heard lately about what’s working out with this season’s hot trends? Word on the street is there’s definitely more hits than misses. I’ve been hearing a lot about the huge poncho look going on right now. The poncho may not be for everyone, but this one by INC at has a great fringe trim that is also a big at the moment. A hot alternative to the poncho is the cape, try this phenomenal piece called the Tahari “Belle” Capelet from Prints are another hit this season from plaids to florals to geometric patterns.  A really big print, though, is the Aztec print; we’re loving this classic mini dress by Asos.



Incorporating your own taste or personal style with popular trends is always a must. It’s always important to remember that what looks good on one person, may not be right for another. Know yourself and respect your own tastes. If you’re more of an edgy or punky chick, capelets and floral patterns may not be the trends for you, though chains and studs would definitely be up your alley, like this SR Squared studded hobo bag by Sondra Roberts. If you’re more of a boho chic girl, bright colors, metallic, and bling are probably not really your calling. This Birkin Fringe Maxi Dress is a hot piece for the more bohemian woman. That’s the beauty of fashion; take your own tastes and meld them with today’s styles and you’re golden.