There was once a fashion girl living in New York City who had become utterly bored with the lack of selection in clothing shops the Big Apple had to offer. From Fifth Avenue to Soho to the now gentrified Meat Packing District she found nothing but the same shops and designer brands at every corner . . .

“Truly discouraging for any fashionista”, she thought.

In an effort to try and quench her style thirst she would venture to the new “shopping hot spots” that her friends had recommended, trying store after store in search of fresh looks and new designer labels. Alas, it was to no avail, it was always the same look, same designer, and same silhouette . . . she felt liked the one of the villagers in the story, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”.

In the story each time the boy cried wolf the villagers would come running when in fact there had never been a wolf, such was the story for the fashion girl, each time she went to one of the supposed “it” boutiques she was disappointed to find nothing “it” about it . . . until one fateful day she stumbled upon “Cry Wolf”.

Nestled in the East Village amongst an eclectic myriad of cafes, bars and tattoo parlors, the nameplate “Cry Wolf” caught the eye of the fashion girl and invited her into its treasure trove of young underground designers. 

The fashion girl was elated to find a mix of various up-and-coming international designers such as Bijules, Corpus, Fremont and Best Behaviour who offered her everything from silk twill overall shorts to a beautiful cotton poplin reversible 50s style dress interpreted for the modern day women. 


And let’s not forget the jewelry (the fashion girl is Italian don’t you know); dainty single chain necklaces with miniature skulls as the solitary pendant, gold plated snake rings that slither over more than one finger, as well as a well-edited, concise selection of other bobbles and bangles with which to complete one’s look. “ I am in heaven”, thought the fashion girl.

Just when the fashion girl thought she couldn’t get any happier, she perused the menswear selection seeing labels like Junk De Luxe, Public school, Unruly Heir complete with limited edition Adidas kicks to dress her boyfriend in. “One stop style shopping at its best!” she thought.

After spending a good hour in the 700 square foot shop, trying on a plethora of items, maxing her credit cards, and conversing with the lovely husband and wife team who own and operate the store, the fashion girl left to bring her new found treasures home. 

As she walked through Tompkins Square Park en route to her apartment she smiled to herself as she thought about how she would “Cry Wolf” to all her friends, but in this rendition of the story everyone should coming running for it was surely one of the best boutiques to be found in all “the village”.


Cry wolf is located at 111 Saint Marks place between 1st Ave and Avenue A.  Their website is at