Joe Fresh Holiday Picks

While I love the holidays, and holiday fashion, I always dread shopping. Somehow, I never get a head start and am always waiting for the last minute. The rush of the malls around this time is enough to drive anyone crazy. However, I have a deep and undying love for Joe Fresh and it's always quite difficult for me not to stop in when I walk by. The best part is, obviously, that it has all the latest trends without putting a dent in my wallet. 

Joe Fresh Scarf

Stopping by Joe Fresh over the weekend, I was surprised to see so many practical gifts. YES! I can finally knock a few people off my Christmas list, all in one store, exactly what my last minute Christmas shopping needs.  I don’t want to sound cliché but in this case it’s true, they have something for everyone, whether it be your friends' children, your dad or brother, mother and sister, and of course, yourself.

Joe Fresh Belt

Joe Fresh Watches

Did I mention these finds were all under $50? SCORE! I long for the bright hues counting down the days until I get to wear them again, so I was super elated to see the colors at Joe Fresh for this season. Take a looksie for yourself, tell them we sent you.


Joe Fresh ScarfJoe Fresh Bag