New Year’s Style Resolutions for 2012

New Year's style

New Year's styleEvery year, millions of girls around the world make millions of ridonkulous New Year’s resolutions that well, let’s be honest, they just can’t keep. Like, “I’m going to quit eating late night Mickey Dee’s forever!” Or, “I’m going to hit the gym every single day for like, seven hours straight.” Girl, that’s not even humanly possible! So this year, why not resolve to make a chic promise you can actually keep? Here are our 8 style resolutions for 2012, what are yours?

1. Experiment More 

Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Don a crazy trend you’ve been dying to rock but haven’t worked up the guts to yet. Mix and match. Be brave, bold, and fearless with your fashion choices. If you hate it, so what? At least you gave it a shot. Plus, who knows—maybe it’ll be your new go-to look.

2. Brighten Up 

Spring 2012 is all about bold, bright statement pieces. And since I love ANYTHING neon (seriously, anything), I’m encouraging all of you to add at least one electric item to your wardrobe next year. Maybe it’s a bathing suit, or perhaps a fun handbag, or even an eye-popping pair of heels. You won’t be able to sport it with everything, but it’ll def give you a color rush when you do.

3. Wear Something Insanely Fabulous 

Glam yourself up. Dress like a celebrity for a night. Heck, even gather up some of your girlfriends and go and try on a ridiculously expensive wedding gown just because. Every girl deserves to feel like a princess for a night, so make 2012 the year you have your moment.

4. Splurge On One Investment Piece 

Even if it’s just once, treat yourself. Buy that $800 pair of heels you’ve been eyeing for months, or go all out and invest in a timeless trench coat. It’s been one hell of a year girlfriend, you deserve it.

5. Buy A Sexy Pair Of Underwear

Whether you’re single or hitched or just playing the field, for goodness sakes, buy yourself a smoking hot pair of panties. Go frilly or lacy, whatever floats your boat—because even if no one else knows what you’re wearing underneath, we guarantee it’ll make you feel flirty fabulous. OW, OW!

6. Clean Out Your Closet 

The New Year is all about a new you. So set aside a few hours one day to seriously sort through your wardrobe and toss out all the stuff you never wear anymore. You can either donate your old duds to those less fortunate or arrange a clothing swap party with your BFFs. Trust us, with all those new presents to add to your closet, you’re going to want that extra space.

7. Get High 

And no, we don’t mean drugs. What we’re talking about is stepping out in a pair of sky-high heels (think Victoria Beckham, not Lady Gaga). No matter how tall or short you are, these babies will make your legs look long, lean, and totally bangin’. Kind of like a Victoria’s Secret model, except not.

8. Commit To A Beauty Routine 

Find a simple, but effective beauty routine and actually stick to it this time. No more excuses for why you couldn’t take your makeup off (i.e. you were too messed up). No more, “Oops, but I forgot!” Figure out what works for you, and just do it (like Nike). It’s much easier than committing to a dude, we promise! 

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