Tilo Scarves: Canada’s Best Kept Secret

TILO SCARF VERTICALScarves are my thing. I love the way a great scarf can modify or enhance an outfit. When I think of my most cherished scarves, they are all from Tilo, a Canadian company launched in 2008. They won me over easily because of the quality of the fabric cut from cashmere, silk, and fine wool. Wearing one of their scarves is like wearing the most stylish, softest slice of luxury against your skin. Tilo strives to be consistent in delivering natural fibers, fascinating textures, and contemporary colors with every scarf.

Sandy Lum, creator of Tilo, started the line after realizing that scarves were part of her essential pieces as she traveled abroad. What started as a collection of scarves she found in different parts of the world, soon turned into a love affair, specifically with the cashmere and luxury feel in certain styles. Being a fan of the accessories definitely allowed her to conceptualize a scarf in the mold that only an avid scarf wearer could. She knew that her scarves needed to feel great, drop and fold around the neck and shoulder. Not by mistake but intentionally, making sure that every cm of the material is carefully used.TILO SCARF NAVY BLUE

Most often, fabrics that are hand woven on looms dating over 100 years are what Tilo scarves are made of, which would explain fairly well the appeal of the one-of-a-kind textures you can only find with these items.



If the name doesn't ring a bell, get familiar with the must have Tilo scarves. Take a peek below at some of their products and track them down at Holt Renfrew and TNT. If you're in the U.S., you can also find them at Saks Fifth Avenue, Ron Herman, and Fred Segal. International retailers include Takashimaya and Harvey Nichols.