Berlin is one of the most desirable cities to visit right now, with its amazing mixt of history and arts, and a lot of fashion designers coming forth and garnering critical acclaim. 

So when I traveled there recently, I was elated, picturing glamorous women channeling Marlene Dietrich, smoking nonchalantly at outdoor cafes.

This was not exactly the case.  And if it had been, these women would surely have regarded me with disdain for asking to take a photo. Surprisingly, Berliners are reluctant to pose for street style photos.  There was a certain contempt whenever I mentioned the word ‘fashion.’

“Oh, I absolutely do not want to be associated with THAT,” one stylish young man told me.  “I’m an artist.”

Street style varies in Berlin, with women tending to dress in a plain, utilitarian manner. 

Here is a photo of a young mother with her child, who I was told is ‘very Berlin’:


Many of the men dress well.

In fact, men’s street fashion can get quite extreme, including the ‘New Ravers’ (the kids who dress very 80’s) and the guys with ‘Fascist haircuts.’

The gentleman wearing a fur coat on a hot day was my favorite:

This is a photo of Tom in front of the wall.  He works in fashion.

I was shocked to see fanny packs everywhere, and not a lot of nice handbags.

But sometimes one just needs casual clothes that are suitable for running through water fountains…

This is a photo of what I suspect may have been American tourists:

I was frequently informed by friends that if I wanted to see serious fashion, I had better try Munich.

But with no nightclub curfews spoiling the mood, and after a few drinks, Berliners were much more willing to let me snap some style photos.

Here is Marcus, the owner of a lovely rooftop bar called WEEKEND with a great view of the TV Tower:

East Berlin is the place to be on a Saturday night, everyone waiting for something to happen.

This is Taan, a well-known music producer who was celebrating his birthday with friends:

Berlin is an amazing city that has a feeling of culture and excitement.  I will absolutely go back again!