The Most Flattering Jeans: An Interview with DL1961

Until I slipped into a pair of DL1961 jeans, denim held very little appeal for me. I found most styles to be either flattering but uncomfortable or comfortable but unflattering. With DL1961 – more specifically their Emma jean – this is never the case. To find out what makes these bottoms so special and how they consistently attract loyal celebrity fans, I chatted with Sarah Ahmed, DL1961’s director of marketing and brand promotion.


The Fashion Spot: With so many premium denim brands out there, how do you work to set yours apart?

Sarah Ahmed: There are several factors that set DL1961 apart in the highly competitive premium denim market. Firstly, we are the only premium denim company based in New York City and secondly, our entire line exclusively features the revolutionary patented fabric called XFIT LYCRA. What this means is that no matter what, your jeans never sag, bag, or lose shape and always give you 360 degrees of comfort.  They are essentially a high performance jean that molds to your body.


tFS: Can you tell us about some of the celebrities that love your jeans? How did that come about?

SA: We are very fortunate to have a huge celebrity following, including Stacy Keibler, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Victoria Justice, Halle Berry, and Nicky Hilton who have all been spotted several times in their DL1961 jeans! We just get such an overwhelming response from anyone who wears them, regardless of whether they are a celebrity or not. Because, at the end of the day, who doesn’t love a great fitting jean? 

tFS: The Emma fits me like a glove and always seem to make my legs shrink! How is that possible? Can you explain what it is about their design that makes them both flattering and comfortable?

SA: Our company is vertically integrated, which means we have complete control over the design and production of our product from start to finish.  At each step, we ensure that each product meets the highest standards of quality.  All of this meticulous attention to detail and knowing what a woman needs from her jean helps make DL1961 the perfect fit. 

tFS: What are your most popular styles?

SA: By far, our ankle length and super skinny styles are our best sellers because they are like a second skin denim without the suffocation or discomfort.

tFS: What styles are best when it comes to "sucking" in?

SA: DL1961’s high rise slim straights (Grace) and skinny jeans (Angel) are great for contouring a woman’s body and flaunting her shape.

tFS: How do you go about deciding new colors to introduce?

SA: Before each season, we do extensive trend reports and go to trade shows worldwide to see what new colors are in. We then alter those colors and tweak them so that they are wearable in denim. It is a very slight difference between a tone that flatters and one that doesn’t — so getting that formula right is crucial.

tFS: What do you consider the "jeans essentials" that every woman must own? What about men?

SA: A basic dark jean that takes you from day to night and one show-stopper like a bright color or coated denim is essential for both men and women. Those are great building blocks for anyone’s denim wardrobe.

tFS: How long does the typical pair of DL1961 jeans last?

SA: DL1961 jeans are resilient. They are designed to last, so unless you want a new wash, style or color, your jeans will probably last you as long as you want.

tFS: Do you have tips for taking jeans from day to night?

Dark denim or a color like red are great day to night transitional jeans for anyone. Wear them with an embellished top and blazer in the day and take the blazer off at night for the perfect happy hour look.

tFS: Tips for pulling off bright denim hues?

SA: Try pairing bright denim with neutrals like cream and grey for an extremely chic look. If you are pairing a color with white and black, the look can be a little too stark at times. Step out of your comfort zone and have some fun with color!

tFS: What are your predictions for next season in terms of denim shades and cuts? What will everyone be wearing come the Spring?

SA: Coated denim, brights, and pastel colors should be on everyone’s mind. I think we should start the season off with bright hues like hot pink, green, and blue and then transition into pretty pastels come May and June.