How To Wear Pastel Colored Denim

Got the blues? Make way for pretty pastel and Easter egg hues like lavender, mint, guava, and buttercup yellow denim in cigarette and boot cut styles, which tend to be the most flattering for all figures. While primary colors like red and blue are easy to pair with winter’s blacks and grays, ensembles that incorporate these soft and sweet shades can be a bit tricky to figure out. We're here to help.

LAVENDER: Aeropostale colored skinny jeans, $30

GUAVA: Tory Burch cropped skinny jeans, $185

MINT: Forever 21 Acid Wash Skinny Jeans w/Studded Belt, $29.80

BUTTERCUP: Joe's Jeans Color Yourself Pretty The Skinny Jeans, $158

PINK (not shown): American Eagle Skinny Jeans, $44.50


Yes, this rule still holds true in the warmer months and is the easiest and safest way to wear colored denim. The best neutrals for the season are ivories, peaches, whites, and light grays. Look for shirts that have an asymmetrical neckline or hem as the imbalance in proportion against the skinny colored denim will draw the eyes up and lengthen the torso. Feeling risky? Incorporate a printed neutral such as leopard – a pop of print on an accessory like a belt or shoes is best!


Keep it all in the family. Start with your colored denim (in this case consider the green a mint green and the yellow a buttercup yellow) and go to the left or the right to find your pairing color. If you want to add a third color to your look, just keep moving around the color wheel. Three is a good stopping point for colors when color blocking.

Complementary colors work, too. Create an outfit from the opposite side of the color chart. Start with your denim color and move exactly across the color chart to pick the color. Pair a lavender top with buttercup yellow jeans and a cotton candy pink blouse with your mint green jeans. The last option is to go monochromatic. Wear your denim with a different shade of the same color. Pair a tangerine top with guava jeans and a deep violet with your lavender. Be bold, be experimental, be fresh.