5 Ways To Wear Soft Hues

It's all too easy to get in a dark color rut when getting dressed. Ensconcing yourself in black, gray, and navy creates a solid uniform you can trust will always make you look slim and cool; those colors also happen to go with any accessory in your wardrobe. The only problem with all of your dark threads is that they get you in a boring wardrobe funk. Remember when you used to see pretty things and get excited about wearing them? Now is the time to rekindle your childlike love of tea party dresses and Easter-egg colors. Spring 2012 was awash in what fashion journalists are terming "sorbets." They're actually not as difficult to pull off as you might think. It's worth looking at some runway trends to find inspiration for your own lighter spring looks. Glide into the office on a high, diaphanous note and let femininity rule the boardroom. 

Before you hit the stores to buy up what your closet has been missing for so long, think about your coloring. No, it's not about whether you're an autumn, spring, or winter, that old fad has been out for decades. There is actually a pink, blue, and yellow shade suitable for every woman, determined by your skin's undertones. There are two choices: warm or cool. A woman of color can be cool, just as a woman who thinks of herself as "pale" or "pasty" can be warm-toned. How can you tell? Go ahead and turn your wrist over so the underside is showing. Look at your veins. If they have a greenish cast you're warm, if they have a purplish cast you're cool. Cool-toned ladies should stay with cool colors and warm with warm. Take yellow for example, a sunshine yellow is best on a warm-toned gal, whereas a light, barely there yellow works on cool tones.

Now that you're armed with tone advice, take a look at some of the best runway looks of the season and see if you can't get excited to add some soft, light colors into your looks.

images: IMAXtree