No Sweat Essentials to Bring to Your Hot Yoga Class

105-degree-plus temperatures and sweating with a group of strangers can make hot yoga intimidating for those who are either new to yoga or haven't been to a hot yoga class before. The practice can be very therapeutic, however, and if you come prepared, not the least bit daunting. "It's a challenging, vigorous, full-body workout; a 'one stop shop' that builds mental and physical strength, improves flexibility and balance, and detoxifies the body and mind at its deepest levels,” explains Loren Bassett of Pure Yoga, a luxury playground for yogis that offers nearly two dozen different types of yoga.

Bassett, who created her own yoga/cardio fusion class called Bassett's Boot Camp, hailed as "America's Toughest Workout" by Marie Claire, goes on to note that "the sheer intensity of the heat can take you deeper physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The discipline of holding a posture in a sustained intensity, while sweating profusely, promotes a deeper level of mental strength and concentration. It teaches us to find comfort in discomfort, exceed the limitations of the mind, and overcome mental obstacles."

Sounds pretty fantastic if you ask us. Here's a look at what to pack for class.