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Reason No. 1,286 why New York City is unlike any other city in the U.S. – you can take the train to the beach. Which is exactly what I did over the weekend when I went out to West Egg…umm, I mean East Hampton.

I was there for my PR gal pal Angelica Compagno’s Great Gatsby-themed summer party, given by her and her hubby Alex at their posh summer rental house. Some people got more into the theme than others (as is always the case with a dress-up party), but there’s something about the Hamptons that makes you feel chic even if you’re just wearing flip-flops and a swimsuit.

I love the aw-shucks working class billionaire vibe of the place where any random bum with a baseball cap named Jimmy or Steve might actually turn out to be a Buffett or a Spielberg. The party was a blast and when it wound down (translation: when the neighbor called the cops) around midnight, Angelica and Anne Koch and I headed over to Montauk to hang ten at the Surf Lodge – the spot of the moment on the East End. Late night, we moved on to a Montauk locals-only spot that I was sworn to secrecy about…but let’s just say that if you befriend some Montauk fishermen you’ll probably end up there. Tell them Jimmy and Steve sent you…