If you want to wear one of the new bold pairs of eyeglasses, don’t be afraid.

It seems a little counterintuitive, but thicker frames are a way to look younger, says "How Not to Look Old" author Charla Krupp.

"Wire is just so over, especially those rose-gold, granny glasses," she says.

A wide variety of bold styles makes it easy to find the most individually flattering pair, she says.

– If bold, black frames are too severe, tone down the look with another color. Frames that are overwhelming in black can soften in beige, green or purple.

– Steer clear of rimless or round, Harry Potter-type frames.

– Upturned frames, such as cat’s eye frame draw attention upward and accentuate the cheekbones.

"As we age we want to give any kind of visual lift that we can. That’s why the cat’s eye has been so popular for so many years," Krupp says. "The circle (frame) doesn’t give your eye any lift."

Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.