From Mad Men to the Me Decade

By Kerry Pieri

There’s the girl with perfectly coiffed hair, clip-on earrings, lady-like pumps, dresses that showcase tiny waists on hourglass figures, and pink lipstick with the nails to match.  The national obsession with Mad Men starts with Don Draper and ends with early-sixties fashion. 

Nostalgists, Thakoon and Michael Kors, are loving the vintage aesthetic for fall.

Then there’s her little sister, the one with the rebellious streak, the one who has the boyfriend who plays in a band, gearing up for the 70s with a little fringe and a lot of leather, fur and ethnic prints. 

Runways from Gucci to Anna Sui introduced a Kate Moss-for-the-Nixon-era archetype, with leather and chiffon providing a cool mix of global wares for the rocker chick.

Gucci used black with just a touch of Russian folklore.  

Ms. Sui embraced color within a nearly manic mix of paisley, embroidery and beads that somehow manage to land upright.

Ann Demeulemeester showed lace-up boots with Carly Simon hats and low-slung slouchy dresses with lots of fur.  Boots made for walking were paired with loose dresses belted with suede fringe and leather coats at Hermes.

At Chloe, long floral prints tunics that have just enough edge to steer clear of Woodstock misinterpretations.

The inspiration of the Me Decade is there, but it’s not a literal looking back – just an homage to the Indie girls discovering their inner rock-goddess-hippy-ingénue.

Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.