So Pinteresting: Halloween Costume DIY Inspiration

Last week we did our best to get you in the Halloween mindset with ideas for decor and leaf peeping. We may have been a little too absorbed in getting into the spirit, because we just now realized: Halloween is but a week away! And really, the best Halloween parties are going to happen on the weekend before Halloween, which means we basically have like, two days to figure out what we're wearing this year. Luckily, we have Pinterest, the bottomless pit of constant inspiration, where ideas for Halloween costumes flow like water. We choose to forgo the expected "sexy" costume for ladies and instead go for the witty, the fun, the creative. This year we spotted all sorts of fun, quick DIY ideas. Do we want to dress up like candy, an animal, or some of our favorite inanimate objects this year? We're not telling until the party—until then, click through for our picks.