So Pinteresting: Get Inspired By The Met

It can be easy to get weighed down by the typical Pinterest fodder: misguided thinspo, food recipies, boring fashion, straightforward home-improvement tips. But if you're in a serious need of something utterly uplifting, then it's time to check out The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Pinterest page.

The New York City institution has been wowing physical museum visitors for over a century, and though there's a lot going on at its Manhattan location, it certainly doesn't ignore its Pinterest page. A trove of art awaits, as does a surprising amount of awesome historical fashion pins — click over for boards dedicated to cats, dogs, peacocks, and more, as they appear in popular and important art works. It's the perfect remedy to a growing Pinterest boredom — and you might just learn a little something while you're at it. Educational Pinterest? Don't mind if we do.