Keep the Glow Going With These Cool Neon Jackets for Fall

If you don’t own something neon by now, you’re out of touch with fashion reality. That’s because bright shades (along with bike shorts) have been in for a number of seasons. And if you think the obsession is going to die down soon to make way for more fall-appropriate colors like tan, beige, brown and black, you’re kidding yourself. According to Pinterest, searches for neon jackets are up a staggering 278 percent.

“Neon” may seem like a narrow category, but it actually includes a rainbow of colors. From fluorescent pink to highlighter yellow to safety orange, there are a surprising amount of options. And as the days grow shorter and nights start sooner, these nifty neon jackets will help you stand out from the crowd in the dark.

Here are our favorite neon jackets to step out in this fall.