Amy Whinehouse marries Johnny Depp in alcohol-feuled Vegas night, while his rumored girlfriend, Lindsay Lohan, takes a private jet to Madagascar with Orlando Bloom. Suri Cruise and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt grow up quickly and run away together to join a scientology cult.

Logical or not, that got your attention, didn’t it? 

First, ask yourself a question: why did that statement attract your attention and why have you continued to read this article? Hoping to discover more juicy Hollywood gossip? 

Why are people so interested in the latest celebrity news? Why do more audiences tune in for the daily “TMZ report” at 4:30pm than to the local news? And why is it that instead of donating money to important causes, People Magazine paid Brangelina $4.1 million for the first Shiloh photos for a June ’06 cover?  And not to mention the latest frenzy over the twins… 

The answer is simple and complex at the same time. Perhaps society has created this group of elite beings to compensate for the dull lives ordinary people lead.

However,  possibly celebrities are all just be part of a large marketing scheme,  used for the profit of many diverse companies – ranging from apparel, to hair, to magazines, to just about everything else.

Without celebrities, many companies would not be half as successful as they are today. How else do you think Rock and Republic have become the ‘it’ jeans? Because the LA-based denim company offers individually examined denim whose final stitching touch ups are completed by hand? Or is it because Victoria Beckham finally made the brand appeal to the public when she designed her own "VB Rocks” denim with R&R?

Shows and magazines such as US Weekly, Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood help fuel celeb obsessions and in return the Hollywood drama keeps these businesses alive.

Celebrities lead the ‘perfect’ lives.’  They have it all: good looks, money, fame. So of course, that’s what everyone aims to be like.  We want to lead that kind of life too. That’s why people obsess so much about what Jennifer Anniston eats, or how Adriana Lima works out, or what The Olsen twins wear. We study Hollywood’s elite so we can be more like them.

They live the drama, the parties, and the extreme vacations – it’s all so much more exciting than anything we experience, so it can be fun to read about that kind of an extravagant life – one that we can only imagine living.

In the book “Fame Junkies,” author Jake Halpern theorizes that superstars are admired because people are so lonely that spending time watching and reading about these people and their “fabulous lives” makes them feel less lonesome.

But what the public tends to overlook, is the great effort that is put behind each and every star so that they can maintain their ‘perfect’ image.

If you have a crew consisting of more than a couple of makeup artists, hairstylists, Photoshop experts, wardrobe stylists and assistants, a team of plastic surgeons, and event managers, then you too can be just like a celebrity.


Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.