Have you ever lusted after a beautiful designer dress from afar, wishing that you could afford such a stunning piece?

Have you ever felt frustrated after buying yet another dress, for yet another social engagement that you can only wear that one time, and wished that there were an easier and cheaper way?

Have you ever wished for a place stocked with gorgeous dresses, bags and jewelry that you could rent for a special occasion at only a fraction of the original price?

Like a genie from a magic lamp, your wishes have been granted.

Ilus, a small boutique tucked in Elizabeth Street in New York City, provides the style-conscious woman with a chance to change up her fashion routine without breaking the bank.

For approximately 15%-20% of the original price of the designer dress, one can rent an amazing dress for three days.


The store’s owner, Linda Pratka, came up with the concept after feeling frustrated with how much she had spent on dresses for various social events. Realizing how unfair it was that men were able to rent their tuxes and save enormous amounts of money, Linda decided to provide an alternative to stylish women who are hoping to save a little dough.

So the next time you want to look fabulous at a social event, don’t shell out the big bucks. Go to Ilus and dress yourself for less!

Ilus is located at:

248 Elizabeth Street

New York, NY 10012

(646) 454-1678