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After determining what fits best, bottoms are perhaps the easiest part of the wardrobe.  My personal list of must haves include a pair of leggings, wool shorts, shorts (long & short), trousers (relaxed & slim fit), and jeans (relaxed/slim & slim fit).

Leggings are great for lounging around the house or layering with shorts.


Spring 2009 collections utilize this look a lot.  If you want to do the leggings/shorts look, I recommend loose fitting shorts in an unusual material like wool.


For shorts, below the knee is a no brainer, but what do you do for shorts worn above the knee?


Personally, I like to balance out the shortness of my shorts with an oversized tee or button down.

They are not oversized enough to drape like a dress, but oversized enough to divert the eye from thinking “Wow, those are short!” – instead focusing on the overall silhouette from the head downwards.



For trousers, I highly recommend getting a pair from Phillip Lim.


The workmanship is excellent.


When choosing a color, make sure to compliment the waistcoats and blazers in your wardrobe.


If you wear jeans everyday, spend a lot of money on your jeans, but if you don’t, I like the cheap route with Cheap Monday.


I love their gray wash.  It goes with everything.  Make sure to own at least one pair of jeans in both a slim and relaxed silhouette.  On a hot day and on many other occasions, slim jeans are not pleasant.


There are a lot of jeans with a relaxed fit, but Opening Ceremony make a nice pair that still taper.

I have not seen any online stockists recently, so you’ll have to visit the store or phone one of the locations.

Overall, make sure you have versatility.