11 Pieces That Prove Pretty Pastels Aren’t Just for Spring

There's one color-focused trend that we're not waiting until spring to sport: pastels. While winter is great for bundling up and forging on in rich, dark hues, there's something to be said for the winter pastel. Sort of like the sartorial equivilent of frosty air, pastels mimic the look of snow and perfectly soften up a winter look. While pastels tend to be obviously prim and sweet, we're really into pieces with just a little bit of edge—a little unexpected. Mint is a good choice, as is light blue and pink. You shouldn't just limit it to a nice sweater, though you can. Pastels are particularly edgy when breaking up an outfit, like an accenting belt or strappy, pointy heels. Don't just wait until Easter Sunday to pounce on pastels, dig 'em out now and warm up your winter wardrobe with a little springtime fun.