18 Reasons Spring Is Still Sweater Weather

Spring likes to play by its own rules. It can be bordering 70 degrees one day, then plummet to the mid-50s by the end of the week. That’s why it’s vital your sweater game remains strong. Whether you’re covering up a simple tank top or a frilly spring dress, the key to layering this season is lightweight fabrics or open weaves. Wool is allowed in small doses, just make sure a decent part of your pullover’s content comes from other sources. There are also sweaters begging to be worn solo. And there’s no need to stick to spring-appropriate brights, expand your color horizons by including earth tones instead of relying on pastels.

Obviously, your stockpile of all-enveloping knits that rival the puffiest puffer won’t work. So here are 18 lightweight options to refresh your spring sweater supply.

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