27 Fashion-Approved Layering Combos for Awkward Spring Weather

Images: Imaxtree

Despite the suddenly balmy temperatures on the East Coast, it still doesn’t feel like spring is in the air. (Especially since temps are reportedly just going to head back down in a matter of days.) And with normal highs around this time of year registering closer to the 50s and low 60s, it’s not quite time for shorts and miniskirts to go solo.

But there are tricks of the trade to make practically any piece work in spring. Just like in winter, it’s all about layering clothes. In spring, the rules are a bit different, though. You want to look for pieces that add a touch of warmth without contributing much bulk. Flashes of skin are encouraged, but you need to be strategic about what — and when — you reveal. Jackets are mainstays, but don’t rely solely on denim versions to get you through.

For more season-appropriate tips, check out the slideshow above for a definitive guide to layering clothes this season.

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