Now that the Olympics are underway we get to see, on a daily basis, the wonders that occur when modern technology meets athleticism (something that can be both motivational and depressing at the same time). 

On the one hand, the combination of record-breaking times and human beings who have the ability to look good while wearing head to toe lycra, and on the other, the knowledge that your personal fitness level is depressingly low (or maybe that’s just me).

It is, however, comforting to know that what we mere mortals may lack in the field of fitness we can make up for in the arena of design (or, as I say, “I may run like a crazed chicken but at least I can have some cute sneakers”).

Thankfully there are quite a few options out there and this Fall Stella McCartney has designed another collection for Adidas.  From the puffball tennis skirt to the puff-sleeved, golden anorak these are clothes that are both functional and beautiful and, in the case of the skirt, would probably dazzle your opponent so much that they wouldn’t notice any lack of skills in getting the ball over the net.

Another option comes courtesy of Bill Amberg, who has been making leather goods for the last twenty years and has turned his attention to classic sporting paraphernalia. 

In his hands a rugby ball, football, boxing gloves, and punch bag become masterpieces of design which will only become more beautiful as they mellow with age…hopefully that’s something that can be said for all of us as well.