Candace Ang:  Dear Chanel Iman, baby girl you are A DOOR BELL. And despite being young  and cute as a button,   not all teens should shop at Hot Topic.  No, your pants and studded heels are not something  Malcolm McLaren would   approve of. Anyways, in a season or so you will be dating a rock star and you can borrow  HIS clothes.  In the meantime  dear, call us and we will get you Alex Wang's number, I am sure he will hook you up.

Colleen Nika:  On her, this looks playful and age-appropriate. She somehow steers the context clear of Hot Topic territory, even though most of this outfit can be purchased from that outlet directly.  Alie Suvelor:  IMO, Chanel always look fab, and she sure knows how to pull off that rock look. Nice tartan trousers.

Kate Collins: The Rolling Stones are Classic (one of my favorite all time bands) but they are also old..

and so is this look.




Colleen Nika:  Poor mary kate – she actually looks terrified that she will melt. I don’t really blame her – I personally skipped

all of Saturday’s shows due to the downpour (shhh). But I’m loving her all-black ensembles lately.

Kate Collins:  The girl can do no wrong in my eyes.  She is bringing the boho-meets-waif-meets-rock look that we all covet (you don’t have to admit it out loud, but you know it’s true).  Loose wavy hair, layers, scarves, shiny spandex and fabulous shoes… I can’t say one bad thing about any of these looks separately.  Put them all together and voila – magic!


Colleen Nika:  Sloppy and sad. This proves that all the legacy and wealth in the world cannot buy you sophistication nor a semblance of style.   Kate Collins:  Young and playful. I’m feeling the floppy boots and the easy print of the dress, the green is a great.

Kate Collins:  Standout color, and the heart shaped shades are super fun and take me back to my childhood..nothing   to  complain about here.
Alie Suvelor:  Isabel Marant S/S 08, much? Cute glasses but what's with the dirty hair look?




Candace Ang:  Hey Mom! Hi! I'm at New York Fashion Week! I forgot to tell you but I borrowed your Ann Taylor separates    and clutch. Hope you don't mind!  The dress was a bit big so I snagged dad's belt too. Shhh, I'll give it back before he even    notices its gone. Love You, M.

Colleen Nika: I actually like this look, save for the droopy belt, which I think looks like a haphazard, throwaway gesture.  

Kate Collins:  I could or I couldn’t.  Keeping it simple in black is a good move – the belted waist is flattering.  The tiered shape is a little ho-hum, and the shoes don’t work for me with this dress.




Candace Ang: Sam's in love with Linsday. Lindsay is in love with the flashbulbs. Charlotte is what would happen  if they   had kids. Done.

Colleen Nika:  Lilo & Sam!!! Fashion Week’s own Frick & Frack. I wonder if they’ll turn up at Diesel – half of young Hollywood is guaranteed to attend.

Alie Suvelor:  GREAT trio, love the casualness of the three outfits. Lindsay looks lovely and happy. 
Kate Collins:  Where do i begin? Lindsay nails it every time..the girl is good. As for Char and Sam..well dumbing down   fashion is an art form and Sam especially is quite skilled at though, I'm not mad at the punk, street vibe...the vest    ties it together.  And kudos on the hair..very cute. Charlottet is lookin easy breezy..but not very fashion week .

It's a draw.


Colleen Nika: What a lovely Oriental floral frock. What a shame that it probably became a casualty of a swampy
Manhattan street puddle only seconds after this photo was taken. No one, bar Nuclear Wintour, escaped Hana’s wrath.
Alie Suvelor:  This is fashion week, not a tea party at your grandma's. Right?

Kate Collins: A-OK. Fall Florals are Fantastic, the color palette is  really complimentary and the shape

is flattering. Photos courtesy of Splash News.