Life’s hard for those of us without the necessary skills in make-up application. 

We proclaim our love for the “natural look” so as to avoid trips to make-up land because we know that, once there, an urge for smoky eyes suddenly becomes a question of “who hit you?” and a yen for the sculptural curves and whimsical details of Shu Uemura’s false eyelashes leads us to sleepless nights over the issue of whether a self-proclaimed klutz should ever try to use glue near their eyeballs.

Even the apparent simplicity of lipstick can leave us befuddled and bemused. 

Case in point, as I glanced at some pictures of Lancome’s black and red luxe limited-edition lip set which is due out this November I couldn’t help but sigh at the thought of adding some color to drab winter days with sensuous, vibrant lips.  Then reality set-in as I remembered that against my uber-pale skin the majority of red lipsticks look less femme fatale than crazy cat lady.  And, even assuming that this red (which is the same shade as Louboutin’s soles), was “the one” there’s the inescapable fact that I am inherently lazy.  To apply some lip-gloss at the beginning of the day I can handle but to wear something that requires frequent touch-ups from dawn till dusk is doomed to failure.

Which is why, come November, I will be admiring this red from afar (as well as the glossy black topcoat from the set which adds a gothic chic option) and not fighting the crowds to get my hands on one of the 500 kits which will be available.


Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.