We’re moving closer to gift season (less than 90 shopping days till Christmas and counting), which means that we have almost entered the period of clothing-related gift anxiety.  

For the gift giver this is well documented and usually consists of doubt as to whether the color/size/style that you bought will be appreciated by the recipient.  But for the person on the receiving end there are other considerations; because, let’s face it, it’s rare for other people’s concept of what is “you” to be one hundred percent correct.

So the gift that you open on Christmas Day is likely to be something that, given the choice, you probably wouldn’t buy for yourself.

In the current financial climate no one likes the idea of someone spending money on something that will be unloved and unworn so, if I may, I’d like to encourage the use of the wish list.

 A list compiled by you, the future gift receiver, of items on a varying price scale that you would actually like to find under your tree.  The list can then be distributed to the people most likely to inflict g.b.g. (grievous bodily gift) upon you.  

The surprise element is, I’ll admit, missing from the equation but so is the guilt induced from proclaiming, yet again, “oh, it’s lovely” as you mentally fold the item up and put it at the very back of your closet.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.