When it comes to buying “basics” I can be pretty cheap…
I mean, frugal…
No, I admit it…I mean cheap.  Which has recently resulted in some inner monologues, and subsequent inner arguments, over the increasingly high prices of hosiery.  Mentally I try to balance out the joy of owning a pair of decadently lush (or freakily fabulous) tights against the concept of handing over vast sums of money for something that I am relatively sure I will destroy after the first few wearings. 
Not to mention the secondary consideration of “one size fits all” rarely being long enough for my 5’11” frame; clearly the labels should be changed to “one size fits up to 5’8”, after that abandon hope”.
It’s a fact that in the current climate of disposable fashion, tights are some of the most throwaway items in existence yet there are so many high-end options out there that it’s difficult to maintain a grasp of reality.  There’s an almost overwhelming urge to run out and purchase a pair of Rodarte’s fractured fishnets, Chanel’s two-tone tights or Bebaroque’s metallic studded versions, only the tiny inner voice is left to defend your sanity (and wallet) against such reckless spending.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.