WEARDROBE: CLOSET OF THE WEEK – Eclectic, but Feminine

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Q:  Where do you live?

A: Southern California


Q.  What is your occupation?

A: I work in retail which gives me all the more reason to take advantage of dressing up on days I don’t have to wear a uniform.

Q:  How old are you?

A: 21

Q:  Describe your style.

A: I would say my style is eclectic but feminine —I could look at any decade from the past century and find a handful of styles that I love and inspire me, and try to translate it into a modern style. That’s the best thing about fashion—there are so many different styles to choose from and you’re able to reinvent yourself everyday.

Q.  Who are some of your favorite designers? Why?

A: Not that I could ever afford designer clothes, but I can still dream. Erin Fetherston and Luella always have fun, quirky pieces for everyday wear and Oscar de la Renta and Alexander McQueen bring out that ultra-glamorous-dress-up-fantasy every girl secretly has. Their clothes are just so classic and elegant.

Q:  What is one item in your closet that you couldn’t live without?

A: My beige grandpa cardigan; I’m always cold so it’s more necessity than anything else, I bring it everywhere with me. It’s one of those pieces that just go with every outfit even when it really shouldn’t.

Q:  What is the most embarrassing item in your closet? (Why do you still keep it? hehe)

A: I still have a purse I made out of a pair of old jeans when I was 14. It’s totally junior-high-home-ec-class quality, but I wore it with everything. I have a hard time getting rid of things I spent time and effort on, I’m such a sap.


Q:  How do you organize your closet? (ie. by color, type, season, designer?)

A: My closet is organized by color. I find it so much easier when I’m trying to find things. I also find myself usually picking clothes from what I see when I first open my closet instead of digging in the back, so I try to move things around according to season—bright colors and dresses will be up front in the summer and in the winter I’ll switch it with darker colors and sweaters.

Q:  How would you describe your dream wardrobe?

A: Very romantic—florals, ruffles, lace—lots of vintage dresses, endless amounts of shoes, and a replica of the white dress Grace Kelly wore in To Catch a Thief would be hanging in there somewhere as well. 

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