Excerpted from "What’s In Your Bag." (from 2007)

Us: Do you have any candy?

Kate: I have Reeses Peanut Butter Cups! The best kind! You get sugar lows during Fashion Week and they’re horrible; you’re waiting for a show to start and all you want is candy.

Us: You also have a lint roller.

Kate: I do. I wear mostly black and white, and in the winter with so many knits, those colors love to shed. Look, and I have a map of New York! I’m such a tourist! But people have shows in the most random places. Sometimes I look at the invite and I’m like, "Are you sure this show isn’t in London? Because I’ve never seen that address before." It’s like streets get invented for Fashion Week.

Us: Why do you have an eraser?

Kate: I refuse to write in pen. I take all my show notes in mechanical pencil.

Us: Is there anything you do write in pen?

Kate: My name!