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I know I know – who’s looking at pretty Liberty prints when everyone is focused on black leather and slashing leggings and jeans?  However, I will attempt to fashion digress regardless.

The Cacharel show in Paris last month was a 2-for-1 affair.  The first half showcased the collection that Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto designed, a new direction for Cacharel that leaned towards a school uniform look, and finally the Eley Kishimoto that we’re familiar with started to shine through.

Then, to celebrate the label’s 50th birthday, dozens of models came out for a second part of the show, clad in vintage Liberty floral print shirts and dresses, and Cacharel founder Jean Bousequet came out to take a bow.


This event happened to signify the last of the Liberty print at Cacharel, as both Mark and Wakako are keen to establish a unique identity with their own prints.  So as I snapped this very sweet setup which Cacharel had going on in their showroom, dedicated to the Liberty vintage prints, I suddenly remembered my own Liberty print Cacharel vest that I had saved up for in my cutesy-obsessed youth when I loved all things floral and ditzy (and still do to a certain extent…).




It’s the end of an era indeed, since these Liberty print pieces will only be sold in certain department stores next season, and then will probably never be seen again.