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When you see a CRAZILY good collection like this and the fact that Sandra Backlund is going to be here for the week so that I can freely interrogate her in the morning over Japanese breakfast (we’re staying in a place called Hotel Kabuki… I have tatami mats in my room… ), I have questions goddamnit!

“Why are you so bloody talented?  Where does it come from?  Is it the amount of fish you guys consume in Sweden?  I promise I will eat more fish then, starting with this Japanese breakfast.  Where did the ideas from for this S/S 09 Poolside collection?  How on earth did you think of all those elements?  Those building blocks of knits jutting out in that menacingly alluring way?  The nod to skeletal forms without it being creepy?  Why are you making me want to wear knitted/crocheted itsy bitsy pants and nothing else even with my thunder thighs?  The black dress in particular at the end – how long did that take you?  I want to touch the crochet and take detailed shots of the dress to study in my spare time whilst I snack on Kettle chips and ponder how I can better myself.  Why are you making knits look so damn attractive despite it being a spring summer collection?  Oh that’s right, London is destined never to have a summer anymore so who effin’ cares anyway?  You got New Gen sponsorship for an exhibition at London Fashion Week last season – will someone at New Gen give this girl a bloody show next season?  That would make London pretty much a solid knitwear hotbed (Louise Goldin, Clare Tough, Mark Fast etc etc) which is no bad thing.  I only have a few questions here… I know you’ll be nice enough to answer them…because on top of being extremely talented, you’re also genuinely nice and you have pretty vintage dresses…”