Ever since Katy Perry hit the music scene, her quirky fashion has brought her to the centre of attention. Her unconventional style includes fashion from a variety of decades, and is bursting with colour. Popular additions to her outfits are fruit or food accessories, which can take the form of watermelon earrings or sparkly cupcake bags.

‘Katy Perry is squatting over a big duffel bag, rifling through printed dresses, retro rompers, hats, turquoise suede heels and other anti-wallflower accessories, deciding what to wear for the second take of her photo shoot. She holds up a red straw hat with a brim the size of a truck tire, then fishes out a beaded red purse shaped like an apple. “See”’ Perry says, her huge blue eyes widening. “I love anything fruit.”’ – Los Angeles Times

Cast your mind back to the memorable event that showcased Katy Perry’s aesthetic: the MTV Europe Music Awards. As a host with perks, she also got to play dress up on a monumental scale and choose her outfits for the night. And she took full advantage. 

The singer, probably most famous for addictive chart topper ‘I Kissed a Girl’, sported an outstanding amount of different looks throughout the evening. Every outfit was the epitome of Katy Perry, just as eclectic as the singer-songwriter herself.

Her premiere outfit that night was a relatively normal frilly pink dress, with matching pink court shoes. But then things got more interesting.  A ‘Jekyll and Hyde-esque’ tux meets prom dress ensemble referencing her video for ‘Hot and Cold’ was one of the highlights of the night.

Probably the most interesting of the bunch was a colourful sequin dress from Jean-Charles de Castelbajac’s Spring 2009 collection. The dress featured the new president elect, Barack Obama, captivating the audience with a sequined smile. When Katy turned around we were faced with the slogan ‘I have a dream today’ printed in radiant yellow on a stark black background. In addition to the show-stopping garment, Katy Perry opted for a yellow fingerless glove saying YES!

In addition to the selection of crazy garments, a Manish Arora showed up in the the form of a carousel dress (with fully operational spin action in the skirt) The dress was a rainbow of colour in typical Katy Perry fashion and was accessorized with patent pink shoes.


As a tribute to her colourful nature, she also sported a rainbow dress. Colours included pastel shades of pink, purple, blue, yellow and orange and the costume was paired with some gold shoes and worn while she was being lowered down on a huge banana split to showcase the long, flowy nature of the gown.

Another outfit to note is the pink satin playsuit adorned with the word “Katy” in large silver glittery letters – just in case we forgot her name.

Party dresses aside, her red carpet looks are just as delicious. She wore an eye-catching shiny blue cocktail dress (another piece by Jean Charles de Castelbajac, this time from his Autumn 2008 collection). Katy Perry made it her own by pairing it with a bejewelled cup cake clutch and dazzling luminous yellow court heels.

And let us not forget the stripy dress. It featured different berry shades of pinks and purples which ties in perfectly with the current berry colours trend. With her cutesy looks, radiant red waist belt and cotton candy pink lipstick, Katy Perry looked cuter than ever. Another candyfloss coloured dress with frilly trim was good enough to eat, paired with pastel pink shoes.

But her garments are never the only thing taking centre stage. Her entrances onto the stage are highly commendable and interesting. Whether straddling a giant cherry chapstick clad in an American football inspired outfit, standing on a giant cherry, or being lowered down on an oversized banana split, Katy Perry makes people cheer in excitement.

Katy Perry has got the fashion world abuzz. Everyone is anticipating what she will wear next and designers are eager for her to wear their gear. She is singlehandedly making us appreciate the fashions of generations past with her quirky, unusual style.