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I am always left with the feeling of a terrible void after fashion weeks end each season, so I’ve decided that in the absence of new collections, I should post some of my favorite collections of the past. The good thing is, many of them have proved to be timeless, so rather than taking a dated look back, it’s actually nice to see how well they’ve held up with time and it makes me appreciate them that much more. I hope you’ll all enjoy them as well.

The first one I chose was Comme des Garçons’ S/S 03. Rei has always been such a master of her craft and taking a look back really solidifies that. This collection in particular was one of my favorites of hers simply because it does a good job at showcasing some of the things that she did well at the time and ultimately went on to be known for. Her gathering and ruching techniques have always been so admirable and the construction of her pieces is always so unique.

One thing in particular I have always loved about Rei, which is really plain to see in this collection, is that while the techniques she uses are used by many designers, her work always seems so personal. It is never too polished looking, too symmetrical, but rather it is a lovely visualization of brilliant trains of thought… ones which are not restricted by the confines of traditional construction. Her work is just so honest in that regard. The result is that the garments end up telling an intricate story and are able to lead the eye in unexpected places.