For many years mittens have had a bad rap.  Not only have they been considered the slightly dorky cousin of more grown-up gloves but they are also the mainstay of a cautionary rhyme (whose three little kittens lose and soil their mittens, much to the dismay of their parental unit). 

I’ll admit that they are a little nerdy, slightly juvenile, and a piece of clothing that takes you back to junior school and suggest the presence of an attached cord (so that, as your mother might say, “you can’t lose one”) but this year mittens have been given an overhaul and are a lot more mature.

There’s a vast selection out there; cool mittens, avant-garde mittens, even hideously expensive and completely unwearable mittens.  The cool mittens come to us, as so many things do, via Swedish label Acne, whose opera-length Daria mittens appear in a blue as pure and crisp as a glacial fjord.  Martin Margiela’s mittens from his Ligne 6 collection are the most retro of the bunch and manage to combine the homespun with the modern.  And the outrageously over-the-top version comes courtesy of Louis Vuitton; whose monogrammed silk, rabbit lined pair come with two tags…one is metal and engraved with the LV signature, the second is the $1,100 price tag.

As the kittens might have said, “we have found our mittens, it’s going to be a good winter”.

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LV mittens


Martin Margiela