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A year ago when I was dabbling around with wrapping plastic cellophane around a skirt in that naive unskilled fat-fingered lemon way of mine, CSM MA student Hampus Bernhoff was in the late development stages of his MA collection that combined plastic sheeting and classic tailoring.  A sensible reason why I should leave things to the pros and put my useless fat fingers away…

Of Bernhoff’s material selection which includes laminated denim, towelling as well as tons of the plastic stuff, he says:

“I think it is easy to make a beautiful dress in crepe de chine, or fine silk and expensive fabrics. It is more difficult to make something beautiful out of something that is so commonly used and that’s a challenge that I am really attracted to.”

That’s a challenge that I often ponder when looking at odd materials, but knowing I lack the skills and patience to explore them, Hampus has come up with a collection that at first glance might look like one thing and it then takes a second glance to fully grasp his use of materials…