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It should be safe right now to recap the entire year’s worth of hits and misses, since several magazines are already churning out January issues and Pre-fall 09′ collections are already currently in review.

Here is my list:

Favourite campaign

Lanvin Spring ’08, Olga Sherer photographed by Steven Meisel



This is an obvious choice for me. When the first shot was out, way back in January, I was totally blown away. It came out before countless editorials started featuring those Lanvin dresses in about the same flying/floating motion, but looking back at it,  that shot simply blows them all out of the water.

Favourite editorial

“Portrait of a City”

Vogue Nippon September ’08

Photographed by Mario Sorrenti

Model: Raquel Zimmermann



(P.S there is video footage of Sorrenti and crew shooting this shot of Nobuyoshi Araki and Raquel, in Marios Schwab, dancing at a karaoke bar in Tokyo. A must see.) 



Well I like it so much that i have it as my blog header. Raquel really worked it, and you can imagine the amount of effort that they put in—  going to so many locations in Japan, and the above shot of her dashing around on the busy crossroads in that dramatic caped Antonio Beradi dress… Wow, just wow. Some editorials which tried to involve a foreign country’s culture might leave a very bad taste, either it mismatched the entire theme or it doesn’t even speak anything about the uniqueness of the country at all. But that is not happening for this editorial, you can feel the energy in the city via these photos.

Favourite cover

Vogue Paris September ’08

Anna Selezneva by Mert & Marcus


It’s in her gaze. 

Favourite fragrance campaign

Dior Midnight Poison, Eva Green


I saw this at a Dior counter and it literally stopped my tracks. Eva Green is amazing as the face of this fragrance, showing what a dangerous beauty means— femme fatale with a soft touch.

Favourite beauty campaign

Armani Beauté, Sasha Pivovarova photographed by Steven Meisel



Yes the campaign, or any beauty campaign, is very airbrushed and photoshopped but nothing goes wrong when there is Sasha and Meisel, no?

Favourite collection

Jean Paul Gaultier haute couture Spring ’08



It’s difficult to pick a favorite ready-to-wear collection, but the most memorable collection— of any kind— this year has to be the mermaid/underwater world inspired Spring ’08 couture. It is actually very wearable and not really over the top by Gaultier’s standards. Marion Cotillard has worn a few looks from it on red carpets, and to pick up her Oscar Best Actress award.