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Proenza Schouler Medium Suede PS1 Bag in Mustard, $1995.

Why: Because I’m aiming for every color in the rainbow, and I don’t have a yellow bag yet.


Proenza Schouler PS1 Leather Pochette in Midnight, $895.

Why: Because I’m into Proenza Schouler’s new bag line and I don’t have anything in this exact shade of blue yet.


Loeffler Randall Riley Boot in Black, $825.

Why: Because I don’t care what my boyfriend says, over-the-knee is HOT.


Custom PVD Rolex Daytona, $19,500. info

Why: Because I like to pretend I am a Rolex collector and this custom Daytona would rock my world.


Nina Ricci Fold Sweater Coat, on sale for $1134.

Why: I need more winter clothes and this sweater/coat actually has full-length sleeves which is more than I can say for every BCBG coat I own.


Hermes Bearn wallet in goatskin, any color, $2050.

Why: Because it would be my last wallet ever. I promise.


Tiffany Swing Ring with Diamond, $1450.

Why: Because it would make a cute right-hand ring. Yes, right-hand.


Tiffany Diamonds by the Yard Earrings in Platinum, $725.

Why: Classic, understated for everyday wear.


Christian Louboutin New JS Pump, $775.

Why: The popout lines balance this super-high pump, making it perfect for both skirts and trousers for work (and play).


Leica D-Lux4, $699.

Why: Because the Canon from my wishlist a couple of years ago is nearing the end of its life.


Fiorentini + Baker Crosta Boots, $525.

Why: Because I’m still into grey leather.


Chanel Classic Flap Bag with Black Hardware

Why: Because every year I save up to buy a classic Chanel, I get distracted and buy some electronic gadget instead.


Macbook Pro + Display.

Why: Because my macs are outdated and super slow.


Ultimate Ears 10vi, $419.

Why: Because good music deserves no less.


Guerlain Meteorites Voyage Compact, $160.

Why: Because it makes your skin *glow*.


YSL Medium Tote Bag in Black, $1295.

Why: Because my deerskin downtown tote is getting too much wear.