I’m not sure why I get excited when I see pictures from upcoming H&M collections, it can’t be that I have any hopes of actually purchasing/wearing any of the looks that I ogle as my local H&M invariably never stocks any of the pieces.

It must be the eternal optimist in me (quite frankly I would have thought that she’d have died of loneliness, boredom, and insecurity years ago but she’s still going strong; believing in faeries at the bottom of the garden and that clothes from advertisements will magically appear on the sales racks at some point).

Even odder than this blinding optimism is the fact that these are, in H&M’s own words, "pretty watercolour shades".  Something which I, as a pale skin person, usually avoid like the plague as they make me look like I’ve got consumption; like some 17th century maiden hacking away genteelly into her lace hankie.

And yet, despite all this, there is something very alluring about H&M’s spring offerings, all those ruffles and flounces and girlish florals warm the cockles of my pale little heart. Who knows, maybe the ruffled bag will make its way to my locale.  Darn, there goes that eternal optimism again…