I’m not surprised that Uggs still, after all these years, are selling-out all over the place. I passed by the New York City Soho Ugg store a few days ago and there was a line of people waiting to get into the relatively expansive store. Despite rival boots popping-up all over the place – many of which are pricy alternatives – like Emu and Australia Love Collective, not to mention ski boots from everyone from Marc Jacobs to Pucci, Uggs are still the penultimate when it comes to winter weather. Even I wear them despite the fact that they’re made of suede, are not water-proof, and never last longer than one season. There just isn’t anything I’ve found to be more attractive that keeps my feet warm in these cool and snow-filled months.

Given the recent swarm of cold weather and snow, retailers have had an even easier time selling Ugg boots.  Stanley Eisenman, owner of Stanley Eisenman Fine Shoes in Fort Worth, Texas told WWD that “everyone’s coming in looking for Ugg. They’ve become the perennial gift of the footwear industry.” While president of Summerlin Shoes in Las Vegas Richard Olson said, “our Ugg business is as good as ever.”

It seems like Ugg boots are like iPods – even though they keep breaking and people know in the back of their minds that they’re not the best out there – people just keep on buying them.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.