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First off, I wanted to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year. I thought I’d pay homage to the year by quickly sharing with you some of my favorite shots from 2008. With two new fashion months coming up this year and undoubtedly more press too, 2009 stands to be an amazing year with startling photos and inspiration to share. So without further ado, I bring you:


Capturing Agyness Deyn with the sunset background and ensuing bokeh back in June.  This was an exclusive shot of Agyness and is special since the John Paul Gaultier dress is atypical of her usual style.

Capturing Marc Jacobs and Rachel Zoe together back in spring.  This was arguably the first time the two had been photographed together since the media debacle back in February when Rachel couldn’t get into Marc’s show.  When I saw him again on the corner of Sixth and Bleeker, he said “thanks for that.”

This picture of A Magazine’s Fashion Editor Annabel Rivera is special to me because it’s not just another picture of someone posing for a photo.  There is motion: motion in her hair, motion in her shadow on the street, and the lighting was good too.

This picture was taken at Paris Fashion Week–an onslaught of photographers all in leaning in the same direction at the same time to “blitzkrieg” Paris Vogue’s Emmanuelle Alt.  You should have seen the cloud of dust in the air over their heads as they ran across the Tuileries.  Wait till I get a picture of that.

Can you say LONDON?

This picture of’s Head Buyer Holli Rogers is special to me for a few reasons.   First, the background oozes Paris (it was taken outside the YSL show).  Second, it was taken at night without a tripod and still turned out sharp.  Third, Holli cooperated with me, despite there being a barrage of other flashes and photographers trying to borrow my “set up”

Cheers to 2009 folks!  May we all be held in awe at the good things the world has in store for us!