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"Designer" seems like a very dated and broad category that could mean anything from publicly traded companies a la Prada to young designers who can’t afford to pay their electricity bills.  I suppose the words ‘indie’ and ‘high-end’ help the categorization a little bit, but does pricing play into it? 

This is a confusing pool to wade into really because there are young, indie designers who are selling garments for well over £1,000, equal to the big gun designers.  However, there’s a new rise of designers who are recognizing that a new generation of people aren’t necessarily going to be able to afford said pricing but aren’t going to settle for being constricted within the confines of the high street.  The popularity of Pixie Market is testament to this and I can only see more Pixie-look-alikes popping up on the web over the next year or so. 

I came across the work of Barcelona-based designer Gemma Degara, whose S/S 09 images were beautifully shot and featured an intriguing print of Japanese Samurai armour (have Roberto Capucci’s warrior influences on the mind…) and I just get a general feeling that the pieces would be easy to wear, and work into most people’s wardrobes without too much effort but still stand fine by themselves as strong clothes…

It’s all very pretty stuff, and to be frank, I was just going to post these lovely lookbook images and be done with it – only to have you recite the forever-asked question of "But how much does it cost?"  I feel this question will only be ever more relevant in 2009 and no longer can I turn my nose up and airily say "One cannot put a price on creativity!".  (Errr…just to be clear, I’ve always not been able to answer said question only because it’s hard to find the info out without getting confused by wholesale/retail etc etc…and NOT because I’m actually turning my nose up…)


Gemdegss095 Gemdegss096


Anyway, Degara sells her designs on Etsy for prices that are in the $100-$200 bracket, demonstrative of that mid-level that I feel will only rise this year… her A/W08-9 Free Fall collection again features print but around the motif of rope.

Gemdegetsy1 Gemdegetsy4

I love the simplicity of this plastic clasp belted dress:

Gemdegetsy3 Gemdegetsy2

The neoprene coat is also a bargain at $80 and just needs the *ahem* $800 Pierre Hardy neon pink neoprene sandals to offset it (budgeting in some areas gives way for fantasizing about grossly expensive things in other areas).

Neop1 Neop2

Her A/W08 collection is also on sale at the Doshaburi, an online store based in Barcelona that also sells a ton of examples of this mid-level pricing (all it needs is a redesign to make it truly ace…). 

Gemdegtee1 Gemdegtee2

Sheer panelled leggings?  I’m getting a bit predictable these days, aren’t I?