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Showing a day earlier than planned, Prada took the fashion world by surprise last Sunday. In the latest collection, Miuccia Prada seeks to reinvent the quintessential Prada man, fitting him with a wardrobe appropriate for the current economic situation. Ditching the frills of past seasons, the new Prada man is focused on survival and armed with simplicity as his ally. The world is his arena and he is determined to make it.

Possessing limited time and resources, his entire wardrobe consists of black and gray articles, with the most vital piece being outerwear. The newest addition to his outerwear collection bares a clean slate, losing its collar and buttons along the way. For his distinctive look, he prefers leather or studs. Also, the collection is void of prints and the most prominent neckline is the v-neck. He truly is a tough man…he approaches life like a Karate Kid.