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Refusing to let the world’s affairs put a damper on her creative spirit, Vivienne Westwood’s show on Sunday was as cheeky as ever. Creating her own storybook, the 67 year-old British designer sent everyone down the runway from the naughty farmhand to the flower adorned lad.

The show seemed all over the place with the spontaneous integration of laser-cut leggings and tanks, as well as floral prints, knickers, and even a pair of tasteful quilted pants. (Take that Dolce & Gabbana!) However, Westwood’s “Do It Your Self” shirt and absence at the end of her runway show is perhaps an indicator of her goal with this collection.

This season, Westwood can be seen as acting in the capacity of a parent. Similar to that moment when a child is given the freedom to dress themselves for the first time, Westwood sets out a collection of spontaneous odds and ends to be rearranged and paired as seen fit.