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It’s no secret that I’m a wardrobe thiever when it comes to the boyfriend.  I’m quite brazen about it all to be honest.  Seeing as Steve will be the first one to admit that I have expanded his horizons and I’m quoting here…

Me: Hey boo boo (this is what I call him…don’t ask), would you have bought half the stuff you have in your present wardrobe if you weren’t going out with me?

Steve: It’s difficult to say because it’s been a gradual kind of change but you’ve certainly introduced a number of designers to me.  *Pats me on the head in condescending way*

Thanks Steve, I don’t charge any style consultation fees of course because my love is for freeeeeeeeeeeeee… 

Anyway, I consider it a semi-right to therefore pillage his wardrobe from time to time and his recent purchases have made me do this more and more.  I only wish of course that I could return the favour but I’m thinking Steve is going to have difficulty working pink gradiated fringe, sequinned hot pants and satin leggings… although we’ll certainly delve into the possiblity of a vice-versa swapsie…

Veronique Branquinho Cardigan – This is a bit of a bargain on The Corner at the moment and after Steve gave up in real life shop sales where it was impossible to find anything in his size, it was a big hurrah to find this online.


Steve (COS checked shirt, Hurqundeki gingham bow tie, Uniqlo navy wool trousers, Uniqlo socks, Swear grey patent brogues) Me (Vanessa Bruno gradiated fringe scarf top, Topshop satin swing jacket, Tao knitted peach shorts, John Lewis grey ribbed tights, Topshop grey sandals)

Carola Euler Stills Jersey Cardigan
– Ah…the sneaky present from me to him trick…a useful tactic that I’m employing more and more.  That I happen to like wearing it of course doesn’t deter from the fact that it’s still a somewhat joyful gift for him of course. 


Me (Vintage pleated floral top, Roland Mouret textured olive top, Moschino Cheap & Chic scalloped skirt, M&S grey sheer stockings, Marni heels), Steve (Yookoo charcoal cowl, Martin Margiela t-shirt, Unconditional jeans with zip detail, Lanvin boots).

Hurwundeki Suit Jacket – Mannish blazers are a no-brainer when the man has a blazer that you can wear.  Saves me from searching for ‘mannish blazers’ in womenswear domains. 


Steve (Handmade in England sheer white shirt, M&S blue velvet bowtie, customised Reiss/Uniqlo double layered cardigan, People’s Market grey trousers, Uniqlo socks, Swear metallic blue shoes), Me (Yokoo oatmeal cowl, H&M sheer top, H&M wool corset, H&M painterly tiered dress – this was my sale binge yesterday, Wolford tights, Zara patent ankle boots)

Material Boy Rucksack – I excitedly pointed this out to Steve when we were in Bang Bang as he has already recalled and yup again, you’ve guessed it – I absolutely plan to take this with me on fashion week to carry everything for blogging on-the-go and look like a fashion geek.  50% ownership rights papers are being drawn up as we speak…  


Me (Vintage tweed jacket, H&M sheer top, vintage gold bed jacket inside, Comme des Garcons x H&M dropp crotch trousers, Miu Miu sequinned shoes), Steve (Vintage wool blazer, Ksubi polka dot t-shirt, Unconditional drop crotch trousers, bStore silver trainers)