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modaCYCLE photographers Boris Marberg, Alexander Palacios, Wolfgang Wöhrle, and Charles Beckwith were in Milan last weekend covering the Milan Moda Uomo mens fashion week events. Here are some of the highlights:

Burberry Prorsum was a standard Burberry show. Not too many surprises.

Strong classic cuts, warm stylish things for winter.

One set of standouts was a series of shirts that have a sort of Austrian-looking woven midriff.

The finale featured the classic Burberry scarf on all the models. 

CoSTUME NATIONAL was similar to the Burberry show, strong stylistic cuts on classic warm clothing.

There were quite a few vests in the mix, and several long scarves.

Alexander Palacios took some fun model shots backstage.

Notably, the show appears to have taken place in one of the hanger bays aboard the Death Star.

Les Hommes was an interesting show, a little more Avant Garde.

The designers may or may not have been heavily influenced by the recent film Twilight, or perhaps Interview With The Vampire, as you can see from the choice of models and a heavy use of undead-style makeup with distinctly aristocratic styling.

In this show we saw a lot more adventurous use of materials than in the other shows.

There seemed to be more of an unburdened artistic intelligence pushing the collection in Les Hommes.