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There was no atmosphere of gloom to dampen the mood at Yohji Yamamoto’s Fall show.  In fact, Yamamoto poked fun at the current fiscal predicament through his satirical use of beggars and the unemployed.

The collection’s charm rested with the quirky pairing of unlikely pieces that only seem right when applied in Yamamoto’s universe.  One of the prominent pairings was the layering of blazers over coats.

The proportions of the pairing were refined to imitate a blazer thrown over a bathrobe.

In regards to individual pieces, shorts were surprisingly the most striking item on the runway.  The collection’s shorts were oversized and paired with everything from sweaters to blazers.

Yamamoto’s collection is peculiar, but deconstructed, and offers many wearable choices, proving that despite difficult times ahead, fashion can still be adventurous, yet practical.