For his Spring/Summer 2009 Giorgio Armani Prive collection, the Italian master seemingly went with an Asian flare crossed with some 80’s shoulder-pad-love for his inspiration. Many of the looks offset black with vibrant Eastern-inspired yellows, purples, and reds. There were also a number of Asian-inspired prints mixed with silhouettes reminiscent of 80’s power-suits.

Armani’s couture collection always tends to be more wearable than most of the other designers. A number of looks were monochromatic with the craftsmanship shining through in the intricate pleating, draping, molded sculptural shapes and rigid angles, and bold details (beading, large tassels).

As is the case often with Armani, the most impressive looks were the darker looks where the focus was on the draping. One stand-out in particular was a sculptural black dress with just a peak of vibrant yellow lining shining through.

The bold jewelry – strands of thick pearls, over-sized cocktail rings, wide cuffs – added some modernity to some of the 80’s power-suit-esque looks made to look overly-austere via the styling which had each model walking the runway with cropped black wigs or tightly pulled-back and styled hair.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.